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We were so blown away by how much you all enjoyed some mama drama, we decided to go get us a fancy place, with an address that is super easy to remember.

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How to avoid drama

Brilliant post Wenders!

Can we get a sticky on this thing?

Guess Where You’re Going.

Well, if you don’t know, you can take the quiz.

According to that quiz, you are going to hell.  How do we know?  We took the quiz several times.  Once, honestly.  We went to hell.  Then, we took it as an athiest, but one who is a ‘good person’.  Then we took the quiz as a heathen.  We did EVERYTHING wrong.  Then we took it as someone who is a Christian AND a ‘good person’.  We took it as a Christian, one who also sins.  Lastly we didn’t even answer any of the questions at all, but clicked to the next page.
Can you guess what we were told each and every time, no matter what our answers?

This test showed you how you stand up when judged by just five of God’s Ten Commandments. So, if God judges you by that standard would you be innocent or guilty of breaking His Commandments?

We continued this test all the way through, several times, making sure that we explored each option.  Guess what?  All roads lead to hell.

We could be wrong about this, but we have NEVER heard of someone being threatened with eternal damnation who says “Whoa, you’re right!  I better get to church!” or “Yeah, I ought to come to Jesus!”   Funny enough for a quiz endorsed be Christians, Jesus isn’t even mentioned.  Well, he is, on the very last page, way down near the bottom.  After you’ve been told that you’re going to hell about five times.

The Drama Mama is doing her best to leave her views on religion out of this post, but if you’d like to discuss them privately, shoot us an email (

Religion is always a hot topic on BabyCenter….and something like this?  Well, you can guess how it goes.  Or you can read it.  Even if religion were not such a hot topic, you can bet posting a quiz like this would get some people angry.

Red Alert!

There’s a BOY in the GIRL’S room!!!

Just kidding!  We know that BabyCenter is really ParentCenter, open to moms and dads alike.

But gentlemen, the same rules of drama follow for you!  It’s generally a bad idea to come into a forum you aren’t familiar with and tell the posters there that you are better and smarter than they are.

On politics none the less!  Now this thread was pretty tame until Mr. Know-It-All came along to let the posters know how politically ignorant they really are.  Then the fur really begins to fly!

Bill?  Is that you big boy?  You better get off the computer before Hilary catches you there!   You know you aren’t supposed to be involved in this political battle!  Will you let her know we love her, even if all of us aren’t voting for her?

Props to smurfe’s husband for being the first man on Mama Drama UNCENSORED!  Woot!

The Prodigal Returns?

Not since Othello have we seen backstabbing of this magnitude!

And when BabyCenter’s version of Iago comes back to say ‘hi’ everyone is all sunshine and rainbows? Well, most everyone anyway. Color us perplexed!

Who is Zen? Outwardly, she’s one of those posters that everyone loves. Funny screen name, quick, witty remarks. Fun, right?

Not so much. Remember the silly Hoffy and Ranter board war that everyone thought was so nasty and everyone was so sick of hearing about? Would you like to know how that got started? In a word: Zen.

Now we’ve discussed subgroups. We’re not getting too into this, but it’s safe to say that the Ranters have been around for quite some time. Years. There is some history there (ever tried to type paranting on BabyCenter?) but nothing too recent. Most people on BabyCenter didn’t even know they existed, until this fall.

The Hoffies are new.  They got together over a goofy thread, and formed a private board.

Now remember the first rule of private boards? What happens on private boards STAYS on private boards. Except, one of the new Hoffies was a long time Ranter. Zen. And she thought it would be fun to tell the Hoffies exactly what the Ranters thought about some of their members. And how nasty and mean and even dangerous the Ranters are.  (Zen’s words here, certainly not the truth.)

So can you guess, the Hoffies now became very aware of the Ranters, and didn’t like them much either. And had their own things to say about the Ranters. Zen, of course, was equally as eager to share with the Ranters everything the Hoffies had to say.

She was very liberal in providing information to both groups. Each board got a member list of the other board. They got pictures, secrets, and of course, lots of copy and paste of malicious comments.

To the Ranters, Zen played all big and bad. She told the Ranters that the Hoffies were ridiculous silly women worthy of mockery.

To the Hoffies, she played scared and vulnerable. Zen says Ranters were mean. She wanted out of their group, but was afraid to leave. Afraid of what they would do to her. But she was tired of the mean and nasty things that she saw on the board everyday, and she wanted to bring them down. But she couldn’t do it alone. She needed the Hoffies to help her.

Thus began the Friday Night Bar Thread gone bad. The Hoffies wanted to help Zen out of the ruthless Ranter gang and bring those Ranters down.  The Ranters most likely just wanted the Hoffies to stop posting all their private, personal information all over a public board , so they posted private and personal info as well. None of that went well, thread was closed and deleted. Members were banned.

Yes, we have that thread. We’re not posting it. It’s personal, nasty, and frankly, we think it’s ridiculous and trite. It’s a bad example of a pack mentality (on both sides) and a shocking example of how one person can steer a group wrong.

And Zen disappeared.

Now she’s back. Do you think BabyCenter is going to let her hang out? Are the Ranters and Hoffies going to leave her alone?  Who are all these random people who came out of the blue to ask about (and set up playdates?) with Zen?

Catch this thread in The Copy Shop, because it bit the dust in record time. 


You’re BUSTED!

We’ve talked about Ashley and her awesomeness before, but this takes the cake!

Ashley had a troll problem.  The mean and nasty kind that comes to your blog, tells you your blog sucks (but still reads it ten times a day) calls you names, even says crap about your kids!  Not just once, but many many times.

 Finally Ashley had enough and decided to bust her troll.  She noticed that someone left a comment here on Mama Drama UNCENSORED about how much our blogged sucked, in the very same style as her troll.  Only she wasn’t so anonymous on our page.

And when Ashley wanted some info on that troll, we were more than happy to oblige.  Anything for a fellow blogger!

Now, that troll is BUSTED!

  Check out Ashley’s blog, and make sure you read all the nasty comments the nasty troll left.

  Then go vote for Ashley at the Bloggies

 Ashley hon, when you aren’t so busy, come write for us.  We love your style! 

Wanted: Good Drama

Okay ladies (and the few drama loving gentlemen who lurk around).  It’s time to clarify what we’re all about here, and talk about what kind of drama we’re looking for.

We’ve gotten lots of emails about many things.  Some of them make it up on the blog, some of them don’t.  Let’s talk about why.

Here are Mama Drama UNCENSORED we aren’t out to persecute people that you have a personal vendetta against.  We’re not about publishing the dirty little secrets of mommies who are just asking for honest advice.  We will not post copy and paste from private boards.  Not only can we not verify the accuracy of that copy and paste, but we believe that what happens on a private board STAYS on a private board.  That’s why they are private.  So what are we about?  Okay, here’s a list of things that we’re looking for.

Ahhh, Trolls, trolls and more trolls.   Everyone who makes up a fake persona and gets busted, comes to the board to ask stupid questions, or dispense advice that makes no sense.  That’s good stuff there!  That means if you get into an argument with a troll, you will most likely end up on our blog!  You can’t reason with crazy, and if you try, it’s hilarious.  We will post it, and we’ll laugh.  

I’m Better Than You.  All you crazy mamas who think you are right and everyone else is wrong.  You know who you are, you makers of blanket statements!  You geniuses at taking comments out of context!   When you lecture someone on how you are the perfect mom, and they are not, every normal, imperfect person in the world is chuckling at you.  That’s what why want to post here.  So if you believe that formula kills babies, that breastfeeding is nasty, that boy toddlers in the women’s room is freaky, that teenage boys shouldn’t get to go to the bathroom alone, that children should ride rearfacing in a Britax until they are old enough to drive, that SAHMs are lazy, that WOHMs are irresponsible and selfish, blast your religious sentiments at others, blast others who have religious sentiments, think people on welfare should die or at least be sterilized, or any of the 1,001 other extreme views that are spouted with authority each and every day, you are causing some good drama and will end up on Mama Drama UNCENSORED. 

Board wars made public will also be discussed.  Most of us are sick of them, and just about everyone is sick of people asking about them over and over.  So we’d like to clear up any questions and misconceptions about those groups as soon as possible, so we can all just stop talking about them already!  For those of you looking to join on of the private boards mentioned, you are most likely wasting your time.  They are private for a reason, the members are like minded and want a community where they can express whatever views they have come together on….and usually be more open and personal than the great big wide open community of BabyCenter.  They are usually by invitation only.  The Drama Mama thinks that board wars are the silliest thing ever, but since so many people are asking, if you belong to a private board and put stuff about how great or perfect your board is, or comments about how bad and nasty the other boards are up on BabyCenter, that will probably make it here as well.  If you’re a member of a private board and would like to dispute something The Drama Mama posts about you, please email us.  

Then we’ve got the ever happening discussions of religion, politics, race, class, and of course, abortion.  You know when you bring those up, things will not go well.  Mass drama will ensue.  Embrace it or stay out of it, but don’t act surprised when it happens.  

Comments.  With the exception of spam and violations of personal privacy, comments on this board will not be moderated or deleted.  That goes against everything we dislike about BabyCenter.  Yes, there will be trolls.  Yes, there will be anonymous idiots.  Yes, there will be offensive comments.  You don’t have to read them.  But if you wade on in and get in over your head, heaven help you because the Drama Mama isn’t stepping in to put children in time out! 

Lastly, the board jokes.  The goofy stuff that happens on the bar thread, discussions of magic cream, the proper way to clean your vajayjay or rid yourself of crabs (caught in a public bathroom, of course).    Alrighty.  That’s all we’ve got!  Questions, comments?  Are we all on the same page now? 

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